Hey All :)..

After nearly 12 months in production, more time, trouble and money than we care to remember, the custom Woman's Parka is now here !!...For a long time, we had wanted to help the thousands of our Lady customers calling us, upset that even the smallest M-65 standard parka will not fit them. And we decided to solve this problem once and for all !!.....Taking 100% Original US Mil Parkas and custom cutting and re-designing them down to the smallest size we could. Including, reducing chest, waist, arms, cuffs and even length !!...We finally got there....a woman's parka and its awesome.

Our aim was to completely reduce the parka in size yet, keep all of its original look and dimensions and create the only 100% genuine US MIL fishtail parka in a women's size.

We are pleased to say, we did just that...and its spot on. The only area we could not improve on was the hood, as you all know, M-65 hoods are always large, and we tried many ways to cut this down however, the time and cost was prohibitive as we also wanted to make this parka affordable and we were already conscious that our Woman's MINI parka is not the cheapest, as the amount of custom work involved in rebuilding an entire parka and liner..is.....extreme.

Our woman's parka measures only 40" in chest, and only 19" in arms and only 36" inch in length and still retains an exact fishtail :)....v clever we know :)...

This woman's parka is available with standard hood at £279 and with real wolf fur hood at £349 and for a fully customized fishtail parka this, we believe, is great value.

If you want to know or see more about our custom made womans fishtail parka, please check it out at


You wont be disappointed :)...