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The US Army M-65 and Classic M-51 Fishtail Parka Sizing Guide

Please Read ALL of this page BEFORE ordering or contacting us with sizing questions...

This page refers to the sizing for the Classic M51 and M65 parka coats. For the Stonetail parkas please see the respective sizing guides on their product pages. The Stonetail parkas are based on normal sizing. Therefore, if you are normally a medium then a medium Stonetail parka should be ordered. Thank you.

It amazes us how many customers order a mod parka who do not know how they are meant to look and be worn. Mod parka's are meant to be worn oversized and baggy and not fitted like High Street copies.

The baggy design allows for layering underneath the parka. The width of the sleeves on proper mod parka's are wider than usual. This is correct and how mod parka's are supposed to look. If necessary, please do some research because returns are costly for all concerned and waste everyone's time!!

OK, first things first, these things come up BIG !!....If you are thinking that because you wear XL in UK T-shirts that you need an XL parka, you are very very wrong :)...

For example; The most commonly sold size in M-65 fishtail parka, for the average guy of say 5ft 10- 6ft and around the 40-42 chest region, is Small. 

Yes I know, don't be upset ! But unless you want a parka you can put your family in, trust me on this. Luckily the M-65's are regular in their sizing, all sizes ARE the same.

After that is pretty simple, you will see a size chart for each style of parka, M-65 or Classic M-1951 and if you read all the size chart below you will be able to easily choose the right size for you.

How ??....easy, I recommend a tape measure and taking your measurements first, i.e. chest, measure around under your arms, arm length from shoulder to wrist cuff, and for length, simply check length of parka then run the measure from ur neck line down....

Then, check your measurements against the size chart and you can find your best fit...

For chest size, you want 6-8 inches if your chest measures exactly 34 inches, you want a 40" chest parka. For arm length you want an extra 2-3 inches for movement, i.e. riding your scooter.

The M-1965 Fishtail Parka Size Chart...

Size Chest Length, Collar to 
end of Fishtail
Arm, Shoulder seam to end of cuff
M65 Womans MINI 40"(101.7cm) 36" (91.4cm) 23" (58.4cm)
M65 X Small 46" (117cm) 40" (101.7cm) 25" (63.5cm)
M65 Small 50" (127cm) 40" (101.7cm) 25" (63.5cm)
M65 Medium 56" (142cm) 42" (106.7cm) 26" (66.1cm)
M65 Large 58" (147cm) 42" (106.7cm) 27" (68.6cm)
M65 X Large 60" (152cm) 43" (109.2cm) 27" (68.6cm)

The Classic M-1951 Fishtail parka Size Chart...
Size Chest Length, Collar to 
end of Fishtail
Arm, Shoulder seam 
to end of cuff
Womens MINI Parka 40" (101.7cm) 36" (91.4cm) 23" (58.4cm)
X Small 46" (117cm) 40" (101.7cm) 24" (61cm)
Small 50" (127cm) 40" (101.7cm) 24" (61cm)
Medium 56" (142cm) 42" (106.7cm) 25" (63.5cm)
Large 58" (147cm) 42" (106.7cm) 25" (63.5cm)


Basically, if you are slight built you are looking at MINI or XS, if you are average height and build, your looking at a small and if you're pretty stocky your looking at a Medium. If you really are a monster of a man or eat way too many pies, you want a large or XL :)) Simple :))...

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