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The story began in the early 2000's when we started importing original fishtail parka's from the United States and then selling them on ebay. The operation was in a one bed flat and pretty much just a hobby at the time. No one else specialised in selling the authentic original parka's as most army surplus shops were a thing of the past and had closed down years prior.

Well the hobby took off and a website was built to accommodate the crazy demand. The one bed flat is now a large trade counter and warehouse and we have supplied many famous celebrities over the years. Even the BBC made contact to evaluate original parka coats for them on a buy and sell show.

We believe our success is down to the reputation we have built up with customers over the years.  The main guy had a manager's role at the local Council for many years with responsibilities of compliance and customer care. These are very important aims of our business which has helped to build a loyal customer base who return time and time again.

The market for original U.S. parka kit is drying up now so we took the decision to reproduce M-1948 & M-1951 fishtail parka's under our own brand Stonetail. We are parka geeks with the rarest examples in our private collections. Every component has to be correct and I think our customers are aware and appreciate our attention to detail. The Stonetail brand is quickly establishing itself has the best quality on the market.

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Call Us on UK Time: +44 (0) 1743 792831

Lines are open: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm

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