Hi All,

As im sure you all know, mod is on the up the world over, with more and more interest in the scene, more and more newcomers and old timers getting back into it. Demand for all things mod is growing too, scooters are fetching crazy money and unsurprisingly parkas are getting rarer and rarer and more and more sought after. With "The Parka" being back on the catwalks for this winter too, demand for original fishtail parkas is at an all time high !! And with original M-65 and M-51 stock getting rarer and rarer, values are rising. Simply, demand is outweighing supply and what happens next is, prices rise. Yes, i,m afraid, our prices are going to have to go up a little too, as you all know, we have worked hard to find these rare items and supply them in the best way at the best price. But with demand rising, stocks diminishing and global prices rising, i'm afraid, we gotta nudge up our prices a little too. The days of picking up old parkas in army stores is long gone !!...However, rest assured, although we  have never claimed to be the cheapest we are the best !! and work harder than any others to bring you the best in mod outerwear, wolf hoods, custom sizing and so on...

We thank you all for you loyalty and support.