Stonetail Mod M-1951 Fishtail Parka

We are pleased to announce that we have now produced what we believe to be the best quality M-1951 fishtail parka available on the market today. The Stonetail M-1951 fishtail parka is now in stock and available through our website.

Our aim has been to provide the best quality mod parka at a sensible price. We are aware of our competitors who provide a lovely outer shell with no detachable liner or winter fur hood at extortionate prices. We won't mention names :) Furthermore, please do not compare the quality of these Stonetail M51 parka's to the Classic M51 parka shown on the website. They cost a fraction of the cost to produce and are not in the same league quality wise. We want to build the brand Stonetail so that customers know they are buying the best with incredible attention to detail.

The material used for the Stonetail M-1951 fishtail parka is the heavy wind resistant cotton sateen as per M48 and 1st Gen M51 parka's. The material has been teflon treated to give even better protection against wet weather and potential stains. The zippers and buttons have been identically produced and we have even had CONMAR printed on the zippers.  The pockets and winter hoods are wool-lined for added protection against cold weather.

The cotton terry loop / nylon detachable liners are closer to an original then any other reproduction model on the market. The liner is reversible and can be worn with either the nylon or terry loop against the body. The correct way is for the nylon to be against the body however, mods always flipped the liners around to show off the white contrasting terry loop against the olive drab outer shell.

Close up detail of the Stonetail M51 Parka