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We are guessing you are looking for a parka and likely need some help in deciding and getting what you want. Our Fistail Parkas Buyers Guide will help you out.

The most popular fishtail parka we have is the Classic M-1951

It is a true to spec remake of the original M-1951, available in all sizes including women’s size (smaller frame guys too) and from only £125 it really is the best parka for the money. You get the M-51 look and style without the hefty price tag and you get a well fitting fishtail parka without the hood size problems associated with the M-65. From our many years in this game, this really is a great non original parka and offers the original M-51 look and style without all the problems associated with original M-51’s such as sizing, sleeve length etc.

Also, this is the very parka The Who bought recently for their USA /UK Quadrophenia Tour...can you ask for a better testimonial? 

Next option, is the M65, a classic original US MIL Fishtail Parka

with prices starting at £120 for a parka with a faux fur hood . This is a great parka, original US MIL unissued new condition. Bad points, the hood is very oversized, as it was designed to fit over US MIL combat helmets and is simply, bloody huge!! Customers can upgrade their order to a fishtail parka with real fur hood. This is our next most popular parka, with prices from £220 you get an Original US MIL Fishtail Parka with real fur hood.

The Original M-1951 !!...need we say more ? 

As the worlds leading dealer in these original parkas, you know that we do this better than anyone else. We have all original M-1951 stock all entirely reconditioned, professionally cleaned, checked for buttons, poppers, zips, and all fitted with fresh new fur so they are ready to wear and look the business. A Ready To Wear M-1951 complete will set you back £395..If you have the extra bucks and want true originality then this is the parka for you...

For those wanted something even better, we also have a small selection of entirely unissued M-1951’s complete, never worn collectors condition. Only available is L or Xl sizes and will set you back £699

he Modfather....All Hail...The one and only, drum roll please, for those with bucks to spend who really want the No 1 Fishtail Parka of all time....the Original M-1948 !!......

We have a handful of entirely original complete with liner M-48’s as anyone knows this is the modfather of all fishtail parkas end of !!....with prices starting from £800 these are for the more affluent mods and collectors out there.

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