"Well done to all at Fishtail Parkas!"

"I gave you a pretty tough challenge and you came up trumps!I called with the order on Thursday pm requesting delivery for Tuesday am - just to make it interesting you had to also complete the real fur switch!!

Well you completed your mission perfectly as the coat arrived about 9.30 am on Tuesday.

Top job & a top PARKA - I couldn't have asked for more!"

Nigel Dibbo UK

"Fantastic looking piece of kit"

"Just a quick email to say a big Thankyou for getting the parka here so quickly for a birthday present, after chatting on the phone. Fantastic looking piece of kit and a brilliant service from you.! Well done and thanks again, he's going to be well chuffed."

All the best,
Rob Holgate UK

Received my M-1951 Parka today.It fits perfectly for my requirements, i.e. to wear it over my business suit, to commute to work on my Scoot, just as we discussed and you promised.

It was more than I wanted to pay originally, but for a piece of history, born around the same time as me, it is worth every penny, and indeed more, (which I never ever admit)

Putting it on transports me to a different time and place, the fondly remembered past, recapturing some of my happy adolescent memories.

My wife will kill me for spending our hard earned, but , I can tell you, it is worth it. "Brilliant"


Duncan Moffat UK
"Hi Fishtail Parkas"

Just to let you know I received my parka just before lunch.

I am absolutely thrilled to bits with it....its all your advert said it would be.

I've made a comment on my Facebook wall about how pleased I am

I have a brand new Vespa LX50 in red with the full chrome kit fitted so the parka is gonna look really ace against the red (o:

Once again thanks very much

Jennie in Farnham, Surrey

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Article©: The Fishtail Parka, from war coat to fashion icon...
Copyright 2006 fishtailparkas.com

The fishtail parka started life in service to the US army in 1951 to help the American soldiers cope with the freezing conditions in the Korean War.

It was known as the M1951 parka and those wanting the full history on this please see Article©: M1951 Fishtail Parka, history of the vintage M51 parka.

However, in 1960’s Britain the Fishtail Parka took on a whole new life and came to represent an entire era, a lifestyle and a statement of intent.

You were a Mod !!

Buy a fishtail parka here...

By 1963 the mods were here, they had their own style, their own dress codes, their own transport and indeed their own language.

In a fashion culture that changed on a weekly basis forcing mods to work overtime to keep up with the changes, everything from colour to length of jacket side vents, to width of trouser bottoms and style of shoes only one item of clothing managed to stay a constant throughout the life of Mod.

This was the Fishtail Parka (US Army only).

The truth is that exactly how this came about no one really knows, it’s as much a mystery and it is a phenomena. The influencing factors can readily be drawn, fishtail parkas were cheap, warm, relatively water proof and great for riding scooters in a pre-helmet era as one could tie the fur hood right up around your face. Plus, no one else was wearing them on the street and that was important to the mods.

However, no one really knows who started it and how it caught on so quickly. It’s not like anyone can say oh that was Dave, he got one in Whitechapel for a bob and we all thought; “fuck it!…. let’s all get one”. Therefore, one is left thinking, why not any other warm coat of that time…why that parka and why ONLY that particular parka ??

Yes we all know mods wore other jackets and coats but only one coat kept its place as the first choice for scooter riding and only one coat became the most prolific symbol of Mod and that was the Fishtail Parka.

For me, it is not hard to imagine the early 60’s and a small group of early mods, or maybe even “Coffee Bar Cats” seeking out a warm coat and stumbling across a US Army M1951 Fishtail Parka in the local Army Stores. And seeing the price, seeing the quality, seeing the benefits of warmth, head protection and durability, and the fact that no one was wearing them, made the choice that this was the coat to wear.

They rode back into town adorned in their new gear, espousing the benefits of being warm and dry, the next day 4 more mods went back to that same army store and got themselves kitted out. Within a week, you a one gang of 12 mods all riding around wearing the same Fishtail Parkas.

The same processes took place as they chatted with the mod gang in the next block, and Mr Army Stores was having a good month with lots of new visitors. These early mods, being the trendsetters and likely to be looked up to by new and aspiring mods, were soon copied. By 1964 Mod was in full swing and thousands of mods were now springing up all over London and all needed to complete their uniform.

And by 1965, Mr Army Stores had retired to a small condo in St Lucia and every mod in London had a M1951 Fishtail Parka

No part of this article may be copied, transmitted, stored or used in any way without the express permission of fishtailparkas.com . If you wish to use this article simply contact me.

* If an item is purchased, it is understood that the buyer agrees to our Returns Policy.
Please read accordingly prior to making a purchase. Thank you.

Fishtailparkas.com Established 2004. Copyright 2018
All Rights Reserved & Owned By FishtailParkas.com Of England.

parka mad:

"Magnificent Parka"

"I received today this magnificent parka, the size is good and I am very impressed it is really in very good state .I still thank you for your great follow-up.Your Web site is great I learnt more has knowing the MODS and their stories."

Merci encore et bonne continuation a vous

Fabien Granados, France

"Absolutely Fantastic"

Just got the parka. It’s absolutely fantastic, the wolf trim looks great and I can’t wait to go for a ride on the vespa!"


Alex Milton UK
"Fast and Reliable Service"

"Thanks for a fast and reliable service. My parka (with wolf fur hood) arrived safe and sound and looks great. Also, your recommendations on sizing were spot on - the small is definitely large enough! I can't wait for the cold weather to arrive.

David Thackery, Australia

"Thrilled, Spectacular, Awesome"

"Thank you for all your help with finding me an original M-1951 Parka. The package arrived today much sooner than expected (only took three days to cross the pond). When I opened the box, I was thrilled. As describe, the parka and liner were in near un issued condition. In fact, they were spectacular! The Wolf fur on the detachable hood is awesome and really adds character to the parka. Please tell your refurbished they did one heck of a job. Finally, the advice you gave me regarding sizing was spot on and the parka fits exactly as desired."

Scott, Connecticut, USA

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the parka. Size is perfect. The condition of it is excellent - new and old at the same time.

I have practically not left the house without it since I received it in December. It is both smart and practical (the weather in Denmark have been very snowy and cold) and I really enjoy the hood with fur (my first parka came without fur and hood liner). Definetely my best x-mas present in years."


Henrik Meyer